Does your company:

Environmental Compliance Solutions (ECS) manage a variety of waste management issues on behalf of its clients. Our capabilities in this area extend across all sectors and our focus is on benchmarking and management. We have assisted small companies and large organisations to reduce their wastes and achieve substantial savings. We also identify opportunities for recovery and liaise with downstream re-processors. Part of our aim is to encourage staff involvement and a corporate culture of positive responsibility.

In tandem, we can also assist clients that are members of the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) to develop and implement appropriate waste data management practices. This is to ensure that the right metrics are being measured to meet APC member annual reporting obligations into the future.





ECS offers a complete service to review all of your onsite waste that includes:

  • Gathering baseline data relevant to your operations;
  • Carrying out onsite audits;
  • Comparing results to industry best practice; and
  • Working with you to assess the cost benefit of various contracts, operational and technical changes.

Underpinning the ECS service is a unique combination of qualified financial and environmental staff, working with your team, to deliver:

  • A site relevant baseline of your operations’ resource usage;
  • A structured approach to addressing issues identified in our audits;
  • An ongoing reporting protocol your staff can work with;
  • Provide cost benefit of projects quickly and easily;
  • Provide a full audit trail for budgeting & reporting purposes; and
  • Providing a roadmap to address resource issues with our assistance or with your own in-house staff.