National Environment Protection (Used Packaging Material) Measure

Environmental Compliance Solutions provide a comprehensive service to all companies considering their options to comply with the National Environmental Protection (Used Packaging Materials) Measure, (NEPM), and to develop a statistical and reporting protocol either:

1. as a member to the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) for packaging under its direct control or; 

2. self-complying by directly reporting to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in each state or territory where its products are sold or distributed.

Many companies remain unaware that they are required to comply with the National Environmental Protection (Used Packaging Materials) Measure. With the assistance of ECS, one of the first steps in developing your companies approach to packaging compliance is to ensure all relevant metrics and reporting can be facilitated through your current reporting protocols, and address any gaps in the data or skillset requirements. 

Environmental Compliance Solutions (ECS) specialises in assisting companies meet their APCO compliance obligations by providing a range of consulting services and software application, including:

Should a company choose to progress as a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation, ECS will continue to work with our client in their reporting, including;
  • Initial consultation to chart a company specific route to compliance.
  • Preparation and implementation of the Action Plans
  • Development and completion of Annual Reports;
  • Review and assessment of product packaging against the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines (SPG), using our bespoke software tool, and
  • Providing a range of Service Options to help support your business in a timely and cost effective manner.

Environmental Compliance can also assist companies prepare their self compliance reports under NEPM.

Our service options

Environmental Compliance Solutions (ECS) provides three approaches to help different businesses support their operations in a timely and cost effective manner, in order to captialise on the data and skills already within their company.

The Toolkit

This option is ideal for those who already have skills and knowledge around packaging compliance and need a solution to help pull all the data and reporting together from both overseas and local suppliers. It enables organisations to completely manage packaging compliance in-house with their own staff and servers.

Do It Together

Our expert staff will guide you through the Annual Reporting, Sustainable Packaging Guidelines(SPG’s), and mandatory metrics, ensuring you get the most out of the service. This is a good option for those that need to meet compliance requirements but don’t have the time or the resources to do it all themselves.

Enterprise solution

For companies with larger compliance requirements, such as multiple entities and significant sku’s we can provide an enterprise-wide solution. Our web-based software provides multi-user, multi-site access to enable collaboration between your staff, customers and suppliers.